We are a worldwide Peruvian company with more than 45 years of experience in the manufacture of wires, bars, strips and profiles made from copper and its alloys. We attend to more than 50 countries and 22 industries all around the globe.

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Our products are made with raw material of the best quality from the most important mines of The Andes. The copper we produce is made of virgin cathode and by using the most advanced and technological equipment for this task. You can be certain that our product has the best quality and grade of purity of the industry.

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  • Copper wire

  • Copper bar

  • Copper bus bar

  • Brass wire

  • EDM wire

  • Bronze wire


Tecnofil takes part in Perumin 2022

26 Sep 2022

Tecnofil reaffirm its presence as a mayor global company in the metallurgical industry by taking part in PERUMIN 2022, event which gather the most important companies from the industry around the globe

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We are in the TOP 10 best labs in the world

20 Sep 2022

Tecnofil participated in Interlaboratory Study 2022 by ASTM reaching TOP 10 from 62 labs evaluated around the globe

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Circular company award given to Tecnofil

23 Aug 2022

In August, Tecnofil received the distinctive stamp of Circular Economy Company and an award for its advances in environmental footprint given by GEA Group, Predes and the European Union which certify us a as an environmentally responsible company.

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We participated on the fair Wire 2022 in Germany

20 Jun 2022

We feel really proud to have participated one more time in the fair Wire 2022 in Düsseldorf, Germany. This event gather the main global actors of the wire industry in which we are a key supplier with our copper and copper-alloy products

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We want to be the best choice for copper and copper alloys products for any kind of industrial use.