We utilize high purity raw material and cutting-edge infrastructure that allowed us to increase our variety of these products in sizes and shapes (square, round, hexagonal and special shapes) while maintaining high standards.
These products are known for their great electric and thermal conductivity, high corrosion resistance and machinability that perfectly adapts to the needs of our clients.


In Tecnofil we are capable of manufacturing special bars and shapes, such as our grounding rods, that can withstand exigent mining processes that the industry requires.

Data sheet

CDA Composición (%) Length (m)
ASTM DIN EN JIS Cu O2 máx. Min Máx
C 101 Cu-FRHC C 1010 99.99 0.0005 1.5 6
C 102 Cu-OF C 1020 99.95 0.001 1.5 6